Youth Tickets

Mud runners aged 10 - 16 years can enter the ADULT course with a discount!

Young mud runners rock!

Young mud runners have proved they LOVE the EPIC challenge and adventure of Summit Survivor.

With an overwhelming number of young runners aged 10-16 years old wanting to join The Summit Survivor adult course, in 2018 we have introduced a NEW and DISCOUNTED Youth ticket!

Youth tickets cost $10 - $20 less than the adult ticket price. Click here to check out the full price list.

Adults and Youth entries can run together as a team!

Just as adults and kids, youth entries also receive an awesome MEDAL when crossing the finish line!

What's the entry price?

Youth tickets cost $10 - $20 less than adults' tickets, plus $10 compulsory insurance. Insurance is a requirement of the insurer who covers the entire event. Really, the peace of mind for everyone is worth it! Click here for all pricing.

Do youth tickets have to be over 10 years of age?

Youth tickets are for young people who are competent swimmers and have the ability to tackle the adult obstacles. This judgment can be made at the parent's discretion, we do not recommend any children under the age of 10 years old. Parents must accept the waiver on the child's behalf. All youth participants MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to supervise my offspring?

Yes, you do.

An adult (a person over 18) is required to run the course with every youth. 


What time do youth entries run?

In the registration process, Youth ticket entry selects the same waves as an adult. Waves start every 10 minutes from 9:30 am.


Remember Adult and Youth ticket entries can run in the same team, so rally your tribe, build your team to take on the EPIC Summit Survivor 2022!

Summit Survivor Youth 2019
Summit Survivor Youth 2019
Summit Survivor Youth 2019
Summit Survivor Youth 2019
Summit Survivor Youth 2019