We'd Love to Have You on our Team!

Grab a front row seat to the action and become part of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Have a great day full of laughter and entertainment PLUS have the opportunity to run The Summit Survivor course for FREE.


Run for FREE!
  • Official SUMMIT SURVIVOR T-Shirt

  • An opportunity to run the course for FREE!

  • Exclusive Access to event area's

  • Front Row seats to all the ACTION

  • Lunch & Refreshments

  • FREE Parking

  • FREE Accommodation the night before

  • Working with our amazing Team!!!

How it Works 

If your VOLUNTEERING and RUNNING in the event......THIS all happens on the SAME day


  • Volunteer in the MORNING FROM either 6am till 10am OR 7am till 12:30pm and run for free in the AFTERNOON by selecting a wave time between 1:30pm and 3pm  

  • OR Volunteer in the AFTERNOON FROM 11:30am till 5pm and run for free in the MORNING by selecting a wave time between 8:30am and 9:30am 

To Register
  • Click on the Volunteer Here link (above or below)

  • Register your details (please fill this registration out even if you have already registered to run)

  • Enter your BIB number if you are running in the event to ensure you receive your refund

  • Read and accept the Waiver

  • Submit the form

You will be sent an email confirming we have received your registration to volunteer, we will be in touch with further information a little closer to the event date.


A FULL REFUND of your ticket price (less the $10 insurance fee) upon completion of the event and your shift. It may take anywhere up to 2 weeks after the event to refund all tickets, so please be patient with us.

Volunteer Roles Include
  • Registrations and cloakroom

  • Course hydration stations

  • Car parking

  • General cleaning and rubbish removal

  • Serving drinks in the Pop up bar (RSA required)

  • Cooking and serving of food

Where Is the Money Going This Year?

The Summit Camp through its Survivor Survivor event is incredibly proud to have donated 100% of all profits to charity. In 2015 and 2016 we donated nearly $200,000 and changed the lives of more than 400 young people!


We have learnt so much through this experience, and have recognized that our current model of giving away 100% of profits is sadly un-sustainable. We are passionate and proactive, and we will continue to run our world class Summit Survivor obstacle event, that so many people have come to love!


In keeping with our vision of unleashing greatness in youth, much of Summit Survivor profits will now fund a new Program Development staff role at The Summit Camp.The focus of this role is to re-develop our existing youth programs and expand our vision to build self-worth, character, success and happiness in young people.


Our existing camp programs reach more than 10,000 young people each year. 

Summit Survivor will no longer be funding the Impact Project programs. If you wish to find out more about our high impact camp programs please contact The Summit Camp; info@thesummit.net.au or visit our website 


What a fantastic event ! 
"As a volunteer’s perspective (monkey bars), I had such a wonderful day- being able to motivate and encourage others was the highlight of my day . I then Later run the course myself and it was fantastic, possibly the best one I have done (running to obstacle ratio) .
Meeting the management , and the creators of the course , workers of the event was great- you can see how proud they were of what was achieved - as they should be !

I’d encourage everyone to volunteer your time next year, definitely a rewarding experience."

~ Jo Braham ~ 

Summit Survivor 2019
Summit Survivor 2019