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Run the most obstacle-dense course in victoria!

Run the Most Obstacle-Dense Course in Victoria!

Leap, weave, duck and slide! Clamber, stagger, wade and run through 39 obstacles in this EPIC 5km course; the most obstacle-dense course in Victoria. 


With fun and teamwork at the heart of this mud run, we've replaced long running distances with awesome challenging obstacles. The course is so densely packed you'll move quickly from one obstacle to the next! 

Summit Survivor is for adventurous 12 to 60 year olds. 87% of participants said they found it the “ideal difficulty”. You can push yourself and make the course tough, or slow it down (skip obstacles if you need) to suit your style. We also have a Kids Survivor Course for under 12 year olds!

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Join or Create a Team

Run solo and have the support of everyone at 2018 Summit Survivor, or create a team! Tackling The Summit as a team is SO much fun and great for team and relationship building. Together you'll tackle challenging, fun obstacles like the Muddy Mountain and the Wipe-Out WallSee how easy it is to build your team!

Everyone's a Winner - Get a Medal!

It takes courage to take on the Summit! Every child and adult participant finishes the day with a Summit Survivor Medal, as well as an awesome sense of achievement and life-long memories of an epic day out!

Find a Costume and Dress Up!

Summit Survivor is not just an opportunity to push your physical and mental boundaries, it's an epic fun day! So find a costume and dress up! Embrace your alter-ego, or just have a laugh! Remember you'll be covered in mud!... There's a $350 Laser Voucher for the best dressed team and the best dressed individual!  


There will be accommodation available again in 2018, your team can stay over at Summit Survivor. The Summit Adventure Park, our home location and award-winning adventure park, offers 5 star tent and cabin accommodation. It's worth checking out! See more here.

Pre-Order Your 2018 T-shirt and Tank Top!


Check out this year's awesome t-shirt and tank top! Beat the queues and pre-order your 2018 Summit Survivor merch online through your dashboard and pick-up at the merchandise tent after you check-in at registration on event day! Log into your dashboard here and pre-order your CRUSHED IT  t-shirt or singlet for just $25, and gloves for $5!

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Will You Smash the  'Drop it Like it's Hot' Waterslide!

Checkout this vid of founder of Summit Survivor, Ryan Doughty, trial the Drop it Like it's Hot waterslide.

Every year the Summit obstacle course experts create new challenges to test your physical and mental limits!


We'll post sneak obstacle previews and the 2018 closer to event day!

39 Obstacles. 5km of AWESOMENESS. No Boring Bits!

Barbed and Dangerous

An Epic crawl of Muddy Madness!

14m Wipeout Wall

14 metres of slippery madness! You'll be clinging for your life as you edge closer to the top!

Victory Run

Last Obstacle of the day! Find your balance and run you way to VICTORY!

Mud Slide

Introducing the EPIC new mud slide, landing in the awesome mud pit!

Cargo Hang

Hope you have strong hands... or like mud! Tackle it any way you like...but hold on tight.

Leap of Faith

Shake out your legs, run like mad and take a giant leap......what's the worst that can happen?


Survivors Said...

“I lost a shoe, made a heap of friends and laughed more than I have in years".


“All the fun of Tough Mudder without the boring bits”.


"Priceless memories and a crazy day… we’ll be back” .


Muddy release
1st Jul 2018 - 15 Sept 2018

Entry Prices

19 Nov - 30 Nov 2017

1 Dec - 31 Dec 2017


1 Jan 2018 - 30 Jun 2018




1 Jul 2018 - 15 Sept 2018

16 Sept 2018 - 15 Oct 2018

16 Oct 2018 - 16 Nov 2018

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Take 5 minutes to register  now!

- Do you want to get your heart-beat racing?

- Are you willing to get dirty?

- Do you want to have an awesome memorable day with your team?

Register in 5 easy steps:


  1. Click here or on a registration button

  2. Fill in your personal details and sign the disclaimer

  3. Choose Your Ticket Type. You can choose to either:

    • Join a team

    • Create a team

    • Join as individual

  4. Select merchandise

  5. Pay with either a Visa or Master Card


If you don’t have a team yet, but think you might later, all good. Join as an individual and you’ll get a personal account dashboard where you can edit your registration, join teams or invite people to join your existing team.


* Every participant will also be required to pay a compulsory personal accident insurance fee of $10. See FAQ for more information.

* Youth tickets are for children between the ages of 12 - 16 years old who run the adult course.


















Warning: 2018 Summit Survivor is set to be a sell-out.

Get in early, reserve your place so you don’t miss out (and save on entry price).

See more OBSTACLES in Summit Survivor Gallery here!