Tips to help you conquer The Summit Survivor!

Boost your course confidence with these OBSTACLE TIPS from Summit Survivor founder, Ryan Doughty.

Leap & Splat Tips
  • Keep your eyes forward

  • Arms out for balance

  • Take big, long strides

  • Run in the center of the pads

Tyre Rollet Tips
  • Use your teammates wherever possible on this obstacle

  • Have a mate give you a leg -up to get over

  • Have a mate on the other side ready to catch you

Don't Forget Your Gloves!!

As EPIC as the Summit Survivor course is, it can be a little tough on the old hands!  There are plenty of obstacles that require climbing on, up and around ropes, there are mud pits to crawl through and monkey bars to swing on.  To ensure you protect those precious digits, we strongly suggest you wear gloves on the day.  If you don't have any, you can purchase them through your dashboard and they will be ready for you to pick up when you register on the day.​

Will You Smash the  'Drop it Like it's Hot' Waterslide!
Checkout this vid of founder of Summit Survivor, Ryan Doughty, trial the Drop it Like it's Hot waterslide.
Every year the Summit obstacle course experts create new challenges to test your physical and mental limits!
We'll post sneak obstacle previews and the 2020 closer to event day!
More Obstacle course Tips!
  • Take it at your own pace...  Summit Survivor is not a timed event, there is no race for the finish line!  Enjoy the challenge, take a breather if you need it, tackle the obstacles at your own pace and feel confident and comfortable.  If you don't feel comfortable, you can always skip the obstacle.

  • Dress to impress... We encourage dress-ups and team outfits etc.  Just keep in mind you will be swimming, swinging, getting muddy and tackling things such as barbed wires, be sure your clothes can last the distance.

  • Rally ya mates...  Summit Survivor is the ultimate place to make new mates, so for those running alone, be prepared to make some new friends along the way and perhaps help each other tackle some of the bigger obstacles together.  Creating a team will give you extra support, give you people to laugh with (and at) and will also give you a tactical advantage.  Why not create a team now and invite some friends to join the fun?  Log in to your dashboard to create/manage a team.

  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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Obstacle Tips