Kids Survivor is for pure joy for mud lovers aged 4-10 years!

Kids will experience their most fun day of the year at Summit Survivor on the 19th of November 2022, at Gippsland.


An excellent combination of fun and adventure, kids climb, wade, crawl, and slide through 23 muddy obstacles over 1.3km.


The ‘Mud Bath’, ‘Spiders Web’, the ‘Mud Slide’, and the ‘Mud Crawl’ are just a few of the EPIC obstacles built especially to thrill and challenge our Aussie kids.


Kids Survivor isn't a race, but a fun challenge and opportunity for youngsters to exercise with other kids in a fun, safe, outdoor environment.

This event is brought to you by the multi-award-winning The Summit Adventure Park, which specializes in self-empowerment activities designed by industry experts.

At the end of Kids Survivor, empowered (and exhausted!) kids are awarded an awesome Medal as they cross the finish line!

Summit Survivor Kids 2019
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Kids Love Conquering KIDS SURVIVOR!

What's the entry price?

​We make KIDS SURVIVOR affordable to all Aussies families, tickets are only $30 plus a $10 insurance (insurance is a requirement of the insurer who covers the entire event—it’s worth the peace of mind).

Do I need to supervise my kids?

Yes, you do.

An adult (a person over 18) is required to supervise your kids as they run the course. Your level of involvement is your choice. You can just hang around making sure they are having a great time. You will love watching them tackle the obstacles. But more importantly, THEY WILL LOVE YOU WATCHING THEM ACHIEVE WINS!


What time do the kids run?

Kids run at 10 am and 2 pm on Saturday the 20th of November.

Your kid/s will be running with approximately 150 kids from the start line at the same time.

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Summit Survivor Kids 2019

How to register for 'Kids Survivor'

Click the REGISTER HERE button and follow these directions:


Step 1Complete your (Parent or Guardian) personal details and "create an account" so you can add additional kids or adult tickets.
Step 2: Choose the Kids Course SATURDAY and click on the "checkbox".

Step 3Add your child/s details and select the start time.

Follow the remaining instructions.


If you have already registered for the adult course, but you now want to register your child for the kids' course, log into your Dashboard CLICK HERE and click on the "ticket link" on the left hand of your screen.

Summit Survivor Kids 2019
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Check out the adults course map here.