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There hasn't been a day since I left Limitless that I haven't used what I learnt at limitless and continuously use to change my innermost attitude. And watching the Limitless promo? THAT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! I couldn't feel any more euphoric than I did reflecting upon that! I was actually really emotional thinking about a time when I felt so alone to see the huge network of brothers and sisters I have attained. And for that my friends, I am eternally grateful.

Until September xxx



For those who weren’t lucky enough to meet, I’m Shreya, and I attended the second Limitless Camp.

This experience was one of the greatest that I had ever embarked upon. The memories I have developed and friendships have made are of ones I will remember for the rest of my life. Every moment of the 4 days was one in which I feel deeply privileged to have attended, all contributing to an overall growth in my character, self-esteem, trust and many other valuable gifts.

After Limitless, I see myself in a new light. When I returned home, for the first time I looked myself in the mirror and saw someone that I was proud of. I saw someone of strength and courage and finally acknowledged a beauty I was once so unaware of. Without the weight of self-doubt, fear, and the pain of the past clouding my vision anymore, I could finally embrace my true self and see myself in new eyes.
Without the help from my amazing coach AJ, this would not have been possible. He carried me throughout this entire journey and supported me in overcoming all of my personal struggles. As my mentor, coach and new big brother, I couldn’t thank him enough, from the bottom of my heart, for everything. And without my AMAZING tribe, BerBer, I couldn’t have gotten though most of it and had as much fun. We supported each other and could safely lean on one another in times of fear and unease. I had become closer to them over the past few days than I have to others in my entire 15 years


Shreya Naidoo

Im so so so grateful I got the opportunity to experience this camp. It was truly something I will not forget. The bond I created with everyone over just 4 days less is just crazy. You have changed my life. This whole entire experience has changed my life. And I would like to thank all coaches and also Ryan and his wife for actually putting up this camp. Because without them us young people wouldn’t have changed for the greater. I have finally discovered my own identity and I can’t thank you all enough because there are not enough words in the world to explain how much limitless means to me.

Alana Eleni Procopiou


I can finally see myself and the world through new eyes. My new-found sense of self love and entirely new outlook on life is one I will keep in my life forever.

For all this I have to thank all of my new brothers and sisters, and Ryan and Mel who had the vision and made all of this possible, for without them, we would be without this amazing experience. And I genuinely couldn’t find the words to express how grateful I am, so I’m just gonna have to go with ‘Thank you’.

okay I’m gonna shut up now, but I love you all so much xxx



The greatest 4 days of my life, this camp has changed how I think about people, life, friends and family. I feel like there in a whole new meaning to life, not just to do what you have to, but do what you want and love to.

It's taught me that no matter what you do when you start something see it through to the end, and gain the sense of achievement to be proud.

I have to make a massive shout out to my tribe the wolf pack (luluwa) no matter what we did, we did and achieved together as one. They help me push through barriers and overcome fears and this wasn't just for me, everyone made and outstanding effort and gained achievements over this time.
Even though I didn't know half of you guys I still loved you and respected you as a person and an achiever you all made and outstanding effort.

Keep it up everyone keep, changing other lives!!!

Daniel Daidy

The past four days on the second limitless camp have been the best of my whole life, I met new friends, set new goals and faced my fears. I would not have been able to do this without my amazing and awesome tribe Frafra. At the end of the camp when I was picked up by my dad, I took him to the leap of faith challenge, and I told him about how scared I was and how hard it was for me to go through with it. Then something amazing happened that had never happened to me before. He turned and looked at me and told me how proud he was to be my father, and how proud he was of me. I cried and blubbered as I ran to see my beautiful coach TK and told her how much the camp had meant to me and how grateful I was to have her by my side as I faced my fears. I'm so lucky to have all of these amazing people in my life to support me and make me do these crazy things. I'm going to continue to face my fears, achieve my goals and chase my dreams.
I miss you all so much, this camp has meant the world to me. I love you all especially my amazing Frafra tribe. I’m crying so much I can't see my screen right, so bye and never stop being limitless.

Ben McIntosh

I am so proud of everyone for overcoming so much hardship and conquering so much fear, the teamwork was amazing and everyone was there for one another. In a world where human connection has become so much more and more... disconnected, just having 120 people all connecting to one another just gave me so much hope. What really stood out to me was Wednesday night, we all came together and just poured all of our emotions out, just after being together for three days we showed emotions, emotions that most of us probably haven't even to our own parents. Lives were honestly saved that night, what seemed to be a hell of a sad moment was just the one and only step to an explosion of happiness and positivity, we can all agree after a good cry we felt so amazing. Crying is generally associated with weakness, but the weakest thing you can do is bottle up all of your emotions, because you're worried about how people will judge you. The universe doesn't make our lives shit and place an immense amount of pain upon our shoulders because it's telling us to give up on life, it does it to make us stronger, the same way a coal only grows into a diamond. Go through hardship, cry and become stronger, that is the cycle of life. If anyone is in pain or even just down, message me or anyone in this group, I'm here for you all.

Jamie Montalto

So I was lucky enough to go to the limitless camp and I was on the week 2 camp in the ngbaka tribe and this camp has completely changed my life and I just want to thank my coach Tegan and Nathan Hulls for sharing all of your wise words of wisdom…..

Leyton Sheffield

Heyo! Kya from the second camp, who mind you has not long literally just gotten home, from the most amazing 4 days of my life!


I cannot put it into words how much my amazing tribe mean to me. We all had our moments and we all there to support each other. In fact the amount of support we have between us was surreal. I came into the camp with my best friend Olivia, and we were basically crapping ourselves as we just didn't know what was to come or what to expect. Little did we know that we were going to make some of the most amazing, lifelong friends and discover things about ourselves we ever thought possible


BAMANA Tribe you guys now all have a major place in my heart, I really cannot thank you enough for your support and the courage each and every one of you has inside of you. You are all going to go places in the future and I can tell you all now, we are always going to have each other's back. I love you guys more than words can say. And Aaron you are going to go so far in life, continue chasing your dreams, you may be younger than the rest of us but you are part of this tribe and one of us, and you always will be.

Catherine, you have been such an amazing tribe leader, and when the time came for us to say our goodbye I really just could not comprehend that. So when I saw all of you leaders lining at the gate waving your goodbyes, I took that chance to get one final, amazing hug from you (which turned into a massive group hug between Olivia, Tex, Catherine, myself and every other leader there). That final hug was just what I needed. Thank you for everything Catherine xxxx
Thank you everyone for this amazing experience.

Kya Duro

This post is a shout out to one of the most amazing people I know, and likely will ever know.

Tex our coach managed in four days to truly change the life of nine amazing teenagers, and bring us so close, closer then I have ever been to 9 other people. Tex showed us from the moment he united us what it meant to be yourself, something that I believe most teenagers may not know. From things as simple as running with us to the lodge to secure the table by the fire, to joining in with us, becoming one of us more like a brother then a coach. I feel I never got to show how much he really meant to us, so I'm writing this as at least a little sign of my gratitude that is whole heartedly felt by every single person that this amazing man inspires us to be better people. Because of Tex, the asante tribe can most genuinely say we had the most amazing four days of our life, filled with absolute happiness, life long lessons and created bonds with each other that could never be broken. Without Tex, my life would not have been changed in the way it was.

Joshua McKinley

I want to thank everyone at Limitless Camp, especially Llama Tribe for allowing me to open up on stage in front of over 120 people and cry my ass off and not feel judged what so ever. I had an amazing time over the past 4 days. I, like most of us, didn't know what to expect and was nervous about making any friends. Thank you to all of the coaches and Nathan Hull for being great mentors and inspiring us to find our own greatness.

Corey Rischitelli

I was lucky enough to experience the best 4 days of my life in the past week. I have learnt so much about myself, and have broken through so many of my person barriers. Thank you to Tegan, you were such an amazing mentor and really understood and supported us. Thank you to my tribe Ngbaka - you guys are amazing, so supportive and caring :) you made the week unforgettable. And a huge thankyou to Nathan - your speeches were really inspiring and made me question who I am, who I want to be and what I am capable of. Thank you again to everyone who made this week incredible

Quincy Seagren

Wowee! I was furious at my parents for sending me to this amazing camp but I was wrong, this camp was a life changer. Thank you guys so much for supporting me and especially to our awesome and strong coach Mads! I’m so grateful for you guys and I deeply miss you guys already! I've learnt so many amazing thing such as staying positive, being motivated, having gratitude and most importantly to love and to respect one another. This experience has also changed me as a person by exploring my limits and overcoming my challenges. Massive shoutout to the incredible Nathan Hulls and to all staff and coaches. Damn, you guys are amazing! Bimbo!!!


Josef Lim



I'm Maddy and I had the privilege of going to the best thing that has ever happened to me. For once I felt free, felt positive, felt in touch with my thoughts and feelings and along the way made incredible friends who will always be remembered. Big shoutout to Tex (Ben) the best coach I could have asked for not only a coach but a father figure; he is so passionate and driven having a sincere and genuine side but also a complete and utter goof.

Maddy Davis

So today was time to go back to school. one of my first classes was English and my teacher settles the class and asks us to each get our books out, and write about, what type of people you want to be in the future? what type of person you are now? And how can you change to achieve your future goals? I scanned the whole class as they looked puzzled and said things like they were proud that their dentist said they were good at brushing their teeth and that they could down a large big-mac meal in 3 minutes. So there I was, I realized that I just started writing and writing and by the time we had was done I had written 4 pages about what I had achieved so far, what type of person I was, and who I wanted to be. it was so easy. All I had to do was to remember everyone from camp and the experiences and pushes I've done up till now. I think it's damn cool to be able to chow a large Maccas meal in 3 mins but making friends, stretching myself and having you guys means so much more to me and many others :)


Ben McIntosh


Hey I'm Harriet I was on the second camp of July and I'd just like to say congratulations on everyone who attended this camp or the first camp and broke through so many barriers and aspects of their life in which were holding them back! The way I look at life now is like walking into the deep end of the ocean the further you walk out the harder it is to stand but just as you start to lose your feet you'll have friends to support you to re-ensure you and get your feet on the ground and as you walk further out you start to grow into a better version of yourself and grow taller! If it wasn't for the camp I'd never see life this way. I'll cherish those 4 days for the rest of my life! I'm so excited for all the years to come with life looking up and I'm more excited to stay in touch with all you amazing people!


Harriet Duncan



So just a little story to show what the camp has done for me. Tonight I was getting ready to have a shower and I looked in the mirror (as you do) and for the first time in as long as I can remember I smiled because I was actually happy with what I saw and I liked my reflection. I have you guys to thank for the massive improvement in my self-esteem. I love you all so much and I can't thank you all enough


Hey guys, I'm Allison. I just came home from the second July limitless camp which turned out to be the best 4 days of my life and a life changing experience. camp was the first time in a long time where I've felt truly happy and like I had a real family. already I feel more positive at home and I feel like I can accomplish anything. thank you Nathan Hulls and all the other coaches for making this an amazing experience. you've changed my life and I can't thank you enough for that. also thanks to all the strangers that are now family. I love you all so much


Allison Mac Cuaig

Hey Limitless Camp Family

My name is Samantha from camp #2 and I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to my tribe ASANTE! and my awesome coach Tex. Meeting all of you genuine, lovely, amazing people has opened up my eyes and my heart to new possibilities within this life and myself and I haven't ever been as happy as I am right now. I’ve been inspired to think big and be brave because I know I have the greatness within me to do the things I think are scary, without you all my spark would've never been ignited and I would still be hiding within the dark.
SATANS TRIBE YOU GUYS ROCK! you will all forever remain within my heart, each one of you is one of a kind and I hope you never lose who you truly are, because the person you truly are is perfect. Love you all <3 <3 <3
PS- I totally woke up and had a massive dance sesh to party rockers!! IT WAS AWESOMEE

Samantha Kennedy

So today was my first day back at school (we got an extra day off yesterday, yay!). And for the first time in quite a long time, I felt happy to be there, not because of my classes, not because of the teachers, and not because of my friends, but because I was just... happy. I caught myself smiling so often over the course of the entire day for no apparent reason. Before limitless, I dreaded the days that I had to go to school and interact with people who I didn't really care about, but today, I was more than happy to. I got to school and hugged all my friends hello, I felt at peace with the horror of returning to school for the next 10 or so weeks until the holidays. I couldn't have had this drastic change in my life if it wasn't for Limitless Camp. Cheers guys.

Corey Rischitelli

Thank you all so much for the 4 days I got to experience at the 2nd camp. It was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life and I have taken a lot from it. It has been a massive confidence boost and has allowed me to open up a lot of emotions I felt I couldn't. (Thanks coach Mich and the Ibibio tribe.)

Along the way I was able to make great friends and learn a whole lot about how to keep myself positive in many different ways. I was really struck by all the talks and as the camp went on I gradually was able to let go of a lot of anger and emotion. This has helped me so much so that I am going to make sure everyone around me can experience some of the amazing things I have.

Thanks to Nathan and all the coaches on the camp, thank you to everyone who came on the camp, and a massive thank you to the Ibibio tribe!!!

Bailey Waasdorp

It looks like I'm a little late to the first camp part of this party but yolo. I had a way better time than I thought I would have and I'd like to thank everyone, but especially the BAMANA tribe for being amazing people. I don't really know how to explain it, but we had this awesome vibe where we were just really supportive and awesome. I don't know that I've ever felt so much a part of something before. I mean, I've been part of things before like my class at school but I've never really felt that I'd really be missed if I wasn't there. I hope someone out there understands what I mean. Anyway, I love you all and GO BAMANAS!!!!!!

Thessa Kuijp

Thank you everyone! The camp I couldn't have imagined a better camp to be around with such Great and amazing people! The coaches and the other people that were attending thank you so much. I wouldn't have changed it for anything!

This camp has taught me one major thing! To not let fear turn into a bad thing. If it is I've decided to say this anytime I am in fear, "Do not let the fear consume me. I'll consume the fear itself" If it wasn't for the amazing people on the camp with the support to help me and each other. I don't believe I would have changed into this great person the camp has changed me into. This also will help me in trusting people by giving them a chance and speaking to new people.

But truly. If it wasn't for the amazing staff and coaches, the camp wouldn't have been the same. It would've been so much more different. I believe that everyone thanks you for allowing us all to be so vulnerable and down to earth and pushing us to our limits and getting past that fear and just having our personal breakthroughs.

Thank you so much. This was the best experience I've ever had. And I will keep to with me forever and I hope everyone else does too.

Ethan Libbis

Wow I mean just wow. Limitless Camp group #2 would have to go under one of the best weeks of my life. Everyone on camp was truly inspiring and you all gave me so much energy, positivity and confidence that I never would have gained back home. I want to say a massive thank you to Nathan Hulls for just being such an inspiring and beautiful person. I didn't know people like you existed on this world and you are a perfect example of a brilliant human being. What I didn't realize was the huge impact the Limitless Camp had on my life. I have gained so many new friends who I keep in touch with often and I am just so grateful to be apart of everyone's journey. You all had such amazing and inspiring stories and you all truly motivated me to be my best. I really hope I take away all the things I learnt at Limitless and just put them into action. I miss you all so much, after all we are all one massive family. A special shout out to my tribe Zaramo who made me realize that I have greatness inside me. The camp pushed me and challenged me and after all the emotions and hardship they were there to support me. I love all you guy’s xxx
I also want to say a massssiiivvee thank you to Casey BoswellTom CurranLuis Burns and Dakota Kuhl (Cuddles) for making me feel complete. Thank you to everyone who attended camp for making it such a special time in my life and I am just so proud to know every single one of you heroes. I wish you all luck in the future and again thank you so much for the opportunity to become a better person.
Love you Limitless Camp Family xxxxxx

Darcie James


Firstly I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone that organized, funded, coached, participated, and went all in at The Summit this week. I don't think that it is humanly possible to create a more authentic family than you guys.The concept of gratitude and appreciation was something that resonated strongly with me (had me in tears lol) and I think that is because I don’t show it enough to the people I love. So as I continue through life from this point I will ensure that I tell people they are awesome.

Next, the power of team culture and companionship was mind blowing. I play team sports and am school captain at my school so the idea of a team environment is nothing new. BUT, the tribes weren’t teams, they were family. The culture and energy flowing through my BAMANA tribe and the others was just phenomenal. Love you all. Lastly, I learnt just how powerful 'going all in' truly is. I think when we fully commit to something there is raw emotion on the line, a vulnerability that you can’t feel otherwise and it just feels awesome. Back home now I will aim to constantly push myself to the limit and create as many connections with others as I can. One last time I’d like to thank you for everything I have experienced in the last few days and congratulate you all on everything that you have accomplished.

I would definitely love to spend another 4 days, 4 years, or 4 lifetimes with you all.


Lochie Robinson



THANK YOU to everyone at the limitless camp, you all helped me sooooo much that I can open up to people more and trust people and my new family the Llama tribe will always stay in my heart, the camp is my family


Chelsea McGillivray

The past 4 days have been truly inspirational and to see that I have so many people who care about me and support me is amazing. I have broken through so many thoughts and emotions that now my life has truly changed forever. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart that I met you all and thank you for giving me support. A massive thank you to Catherine our leader you helped me so much and I have gotten closer to my dreams than ever before. I will forever miss my Batman Bae tribe. Thank you again guys truly. To Nathan my goodness you blew me away with all of your speeches every session was so inspiring. The visualization was the toughest part and we all accomplished together. I love you guy’s xxx

Brianna Fisher.