Build Your Team

Challenges are more fun tackled as a team! We welcome hard-core solo runners, but we encourage you to rally your mates and conquer the Summit as a team! Train with purpose, prepare a costume, and take on the most obstacle-dense course in Victoria, in an EPIC fun day out!

Step 1. Who to invite?

Your team can include mates, workout buddies, sports teams, work mates, family or anyone you'd like to have a laugh with! All you need is their email address and you’re half way there!

You can create a team of 2, 3 or 20+! There is no limit to how many can join a team, the more the merrier! This will be a day to remember! 

Summit Survivor is for adventurous 10 to 60 year olds. 87% of participants said they found it the “ideal difficulty”. Your team can push each other and make the course tough, or slow it down to suit your team's style. 


You can also invite "Youth" to join your team with the newly appointed Youth Tickets for 12-16 year old's. They run at the same time as the adults, so you can add them to your team too!

Step 2. Name your team!

Get creative! Some team names from the past; Dirty and Flirty, We are Survivors, Diamonds in the Dirt. What name best represents your team? We challenge you to create a name unique to your team!


Step 3. Register your team

Step 1 – Click on a Register button or click here, and register yourself (you'll also have the option to register yourself and others). When you register, select 'Create a team' and enter your team name.

Step 2 – Select your team's preferred wavetime (start time). 

Remember, when participating in an obstacle run, insurance is compulsory, so you'll be prompted to add $10 insurance to your cart too.

Step 3 – Once you've registered, from your 'Dashboard' (found in top right of your screen), you can then 'Manage your team' and invite others through entering their email address. Easy! 

Only team captains can invite team members.

You can print/view your ticket, manage your registration, and make purchases at any time from your 'Dashboard'.

How to join a team?

Step 1– Click on the Register button or click here.

Step 2 – Enter your basic details as prompted, then enter your team name! Remember to select your team's preferred wavetime (start time). ​​Remember, when participating in an obstacle run, insurance is compulsory, so you'll be prompted to add $10 insurance to your cart too.

Step 3 – Products: You can select gloves and t-shirts to purchase with your ticket. 

Step 4 – Payment: payments are taken by credit or debit card only, with Visa or MasterCard.

Once you completed your payment, you will be directed to your team 'Dashboard' where you can print/view your ticket, manage your registration, and make purchases at any time.

Step 4. Prepare your costumes! (optional but fun!)

Now your team has a name, you've registered, and you're training with purpose, it's time to prepare your outfits. Be sensible, be crazy! Be whoever you want to be!

Step 5. Train with purpose

Consider a training schedule to help you prepare for The Summit! Rally your mates and enjoy the process. Now you have a goal. Meet the challenge, and help your team to do their best on the 17th of November! Make it count! This is the most obstacle-dense course in Victoria. Prepare for an EPIC, fun, challenging day. We post workout suggestions on social media, so be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram.


Watch teamwork in action. Press play.

See an example of The Summit Survivor obstacle course and watch obstacle preview vids at The Course!